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The purpose of an INDIVIDUAL TEST/ORAL REPORT is to determine if the person being tested is telling the truth about a specific incident.


  1. PRE TEST INTERVIEW--In this step we interview the person or persons who question the truthfulness of the subject to be tested.  We determine their concerns and then make a list of questions (usually five or six) to be asked during the test.   Once the list of questions has been prepared (with all questions requiring either a yes or no answer) we review the list with the subject. 
  2. TEST--We then begin the actual polygraph test.  During this test only the subject being tested may be in the room with the examiner.  At the conclusion of the test we immediately give the results to the subject.  If he has been truthful, we also give the results orally to the other people involved.
  3. CONCLUSION--If we have been unable to clear the subject we then tell them which of their answers demonstrate unresolved responses.  We will then discuss with them any reasons why they think they are having problems with the question.   Once those issues have been addressed we then run a second test to clear up these remaining unresolved responses.
  4. REPORTING--Once we are successful we then orally report the results to the other parties involved.  If we are unsuccessful in resolving all responses we then report that we are unable to clear the subject.  (A report by phone is also considered an oral report.) In all a test should take less than two hours.

HINT:  The INDIVIDUAL TEST/ORAL REPORT works best when determining a simple issue, determining it quickly and keeping cost to a minimum.

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