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The purpose of a FIDELITY TEST is to verify, if possible that an UNFAITHFUL ACT between two people has, or has not taken place.


  1. PRE TEST INTERVIEW--In this polygraph examination we first interview the person who believes that such an act has taken place.  We determine their concerns and then make a list of questions (usually four or five) to be asked the person who may have committed the act.  Once the list of questions has been prepared (with all questions requiring either a yes or no answer) we then review the list with the person to be tested.
  2. TEST--We then begin the actual polygraph test.  During this test only the person being tested may be in the examination room with the examiner.  At the conclusion of the test we immediately give the results to the person being tested.   If the person has not indicated deception we also give the results to the other person involved. A written report can be prepared if necessary.
  3. CONCLUSION--If we have been unable to clear the person being tested we then tell them which of their answers demonstrate unresolved responses.  We will then discuss with that person any reasons whey they think they are having problems with the question.  Once those issues have been addressed we then may run a second test to clear up these remaining unresolved responses.
  4. REPORTING--If we are successful we then report the results to the other person.  If we are unsuccessful in resolving all responses we then report to the other person that we are unable to clear the person being tested regarding the unfaithful act.  In all a test should take less than two hours.

Usually FIDELITY TESTS occur between husbands and wives although they can occur between engaged couples, or between two people with more than casual intentions.  Many of our FIDELITY TESTS take place after hours or on weekends at no extra charge. 

When we schedule a FIDELITY TEST we may require a nonrefundable $50 deposit.  We do so because a large percentage of those booking this type of test fail to show up.   Many times a partner will initially agree to take a test, but then when the time arrives will refuse to do so. 

HINT:  When a counselor or marriage therapist books a polygraph test the person to be tested almost always shows up.  When the husband or boyfriend books a test the person to be tested shows up about three-quarters of the time.  If a wife or girl friend books the test the person to be tested rarely shows up.

SUGGESTION: If you are having a problem deciding what to ask your partner, click the Questions Library button located at the top of this page.  This library of questions is designed to help you in forming your list of questions.

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