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Ind Test/Oral Report
Ind Test/Written Report
Fidelity Test
Employer/Employee Test
Attorney/Client Test
Sex Offender Test
Pre Employment Tests


Payment for all polygraph testing can be done with cash, check or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) at the time of the polygraph examination.  If you are a business you can, with good credit open an account beforehand which allows you to pay within 30 days. 

These prices effective February 1, 2000.  Prices may vary with complexity of the test.  No extra charges are made for weekends or after hours test (unless they begin after 7 p.m.)

These prices are also apply to tests in Collin, Denton, Dallas and Tarrant Counties.  Other location prices quoted by phone, but may include a mileage and driving time charge.


If you make an appointment for a test and fail to show up you may be subject to a cancellation fee.  Any appointment may be cancelled without penalty as long as it is cancelled at least two hours prior to the time of the test.



          Oral report only given at the conclusion of the examination.

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          Oral report given at the conclusion of the examination followed


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FIDELITY TEST--                                                             $200.00

          Oral report given at the conclusion of examination followed

          by written report if requested; also a copy can be sent to

          counselor if necessary. (Click at top left for more info)

EMPLOYER/EMPLOYEE TEST--                                  $200.00

          Phone report given to employer at conclusion of test followed

          by written report usually within two business days.  Tests must

          conform to the Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act.

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ATTORNEY/CLIENT TEST--                                          $400.00 

          Phone report given to attorney at conclusion of test followed

          immediately by written report by same day courier or next

          day Federal Express.  Pricing includes 1/2 day of testimony if

          required.   (Click at top left for more info)

SEX OFFENDER TEST--                                                  $175.00

          Phone report given to counselor or probation officer at conclusion

          of test and written report mailed the following business day.

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TEST OF A MINOR WITH ORAL REPORT--              $175.00

          Oral report given to parent at conclusion of test.

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PRE EMPLOYMENT TESTING--                                   $125.00

          Must meet Employee Polygraph Protection Act requirements

          and usually applies only to a police department or security company.

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DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE TESTS--When we test three or more clients at a time we charge the regular price for the first two tests.  After that we charge $150.00 per test.  Other discounts may apply depending on number of tests to be performed.   All discounts are contingent upon timely payment for services.  Late payment will result in discounts being withdrawn.


COURTROOM TESTIMONY--                                      $500.00 Per 1/2  Day
SPANISH TRANSLATION--                                            $25.00 Per Test
INTERVIEWS--                                                                  $75.00 Per Interview

Some services may be performed by third party contractors.

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